1. Hello- remember me?

    I think it’s been more than a year since I’ve logged into my tumblr.  I didn’t have access to the email that I used to create this thing and I forgot my password.  

    About 20 minutes ago I was sitting on my butt watching some bad show on Syfy and wishing I still had access to my tumblr when BLAMMO! I remembered my password. Yay!

    Hmm, I’ve had a lot of adventures since my last post. Let’s see: I moved back to my hometown, sold my mom’s house (heartbreaking to do but necessary), got a divorce, bought a new house for my son and I (and bought it for the price of a new Hyundai!), found my dream job in education, got laid off from my dream job due to budget cuts, and concurred my fear of heights!    

    2013 was insane.  So how have you been? Anything exciting to share? 

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  7. myampgoesto11:

    Sadi Tekin: Mr Chickpea & Friends

  8. mineralists:

    Follower request for Skullis skulls

    From right to left, top to bottom:
    Geode agate skull
    Kambaba jasper skull
    Moss agate skull
    Malachite skull
    Red crazy agate skull sculpture

    For: 3drainbow

  11. lubadub:

    All other posts today are irrelevant, here’s a goat getting a bath.

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